Ara Martirosyan - MI GNA - 2019 - Մի Գնա [AUDIO]

New Song from Ara Martirosyan " MI GNA "Music By: Ara MartirosyanLyrics By: Avet BarseghyanArrangement: Karen & Sevak (@karensevakmusic)Recording: Karen & Sevak (@ karensevakmusic)Mix & Mastering @ LG Records (@lgrecords1)© All Rights Reserved 2019Ara Martirosyan's Official Website: www.aramartirosyan.comFacebook Official


Guess we now know where all the budget went into this game

V.Srikanth Nayak

To me this is the best video of all you made..... Loved it 😍 Aaawwwsssooommeeee!!!!!!!!

George Endres

Any one 2019

خالد طه



lukne mikneviciute

who else wonders these stories actually happen?

Misty Ferreiro

soy argentino


In the easter egg of the min 9:27 the episode is the first one of the walking the dead S1 not the second one

Griffin Grimes

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Revolt Playz

Sub for free cookie

Boi Boi

2:24 there are still presents under the tree


The thumbnail has a fortnite default

Pedro Barbosa Duarte

1:34 some badass nazi atlets xD

Trick Shooter 2006

You'll shoot ypur eye out is from the christmas story the movie

Esmeralda Esquivel

I Was like that to😥


Any body who said this is fake is wrong they showed this in espn there were sport repoters there that actually saw it

Flynn Cesar

Ready player one all easter eggs

Patrick Kochanasz

Anyone else think the main character looks.....boring?

LoneWolf 100

Yea yall Bounce back don't be a hockey sack

Sami me

That got me in the feels

Ivo Smida


Fräulein Minka

{\_/}( •.•)/🍩

Trihard CX

I remember watching this as like a 12 year old I'm 19 now



Jesus m


Pink Angel Gacha

Storyboard: Jesus

Ben Park Hughes

That guy like happy Gilmore, all he has to do is the run-up

Jefferson Juno

With this new installment of Frozen, I’m expecting the to be Elsa making new Icecaps because of Global-warming, and this is due to the plot not even being revealed yet

+ 1 like

legend cca

EpicGames: aimbot detectedMe: they hax

ash 101

Goat is bacc

Im Done Explaining

0:03 bro i thought they pulled a COD Zombies on me, i was about to say.

john j

That rat part is fucking funny

Adam Bosley me your thoughts!

austin freese

our video is better. click on us


Atari Breakout doesn't work for me :/

aunpaidintern !

Matt Bradley, I cannot with you right now!

I say no

Rebecca Solari

This is so true for real


The comments keep me from non sleeping


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