Andrea Pinketts intervista @ Le Banque - 55° B-Day Danilo Arlenghi

La nostra Silvia Giannini intervista il celebre scrittore Andrea Pinketts al 55° compleanno di Danilo Arlenghi presso il "Le Banque" di Milano


Back in 2019!

Walter White

Dude you were O U T O F Y O U R M I N D man!

A True Star Darling

listen, north korea, its, hell, its pure hell, and the leader is satan.


Laura Meisanda

this video make me cry . im watch this video again and the end im cry again too



that face is definitely why he’s in the modeling industry

Savage Cabbage 123

2019 anyone

Andy Macht

Music 2:20-3:18 ?

Joe Bussey

Great video again bro.

S- Sythetetic

Ryan Brisby Jr


C Steele

Great video and got to see a lot of items that I never have before 😉


Tati: I'm wearing so much lipsticks


Do giant pizza and giant sushi!!!

Wegg My Egg

I got clickbaited and I'm so glad this is wholesome af

Death Ace

Can I Be Admin I Have Cash More Than A 900k dollar


Wow dice is a bunch of trolls


Who cares m8?

Adam Bouyafrour

Pero esto que eeees una edicion brutal grandes dude perfect 2009

Orbit Derpy_Panda


Ryan Irwin


Yesenia Adams

God damn still no love interest for Elsa 😭🥺

Хельсинг Play


Bram Schork

U wear more protection when paint balling the shooting real guns

How about you?

Younes CRL


tromp. wutu.

the musik is just soo great

Dolam Skudoiski

We need more people like me! I despise people who couldn’t be nice to everyone as a kid!


Omg bond is a creep

eli fields

Mr toots is from freddiew


#YIAYjob Erin Can’t have a job she’s still spending most of her time in her cage thinking of ways to escape

U.S. Government : Hold my flag.

stowaway beds

1 like =10000000000'00000000000000000 slaps to stupid man

10/10 GOTY

GamingStaRz Chaîne

or Tom Raider

Sam Boyo

Nice voice


Erdenebaatar Burnesed

nice Tyler good

Άννα Σωτηροπούλου

5:07 TVs destroyed buy the rage monster: 2. stop TV abuse



Sandra Pulido



Wait did you guys say March 24th? if so that’s also when I was born!!!!

jedi buraniju brateee

@FunWithGuru How can you make that on 3:31? I did that too and that fricking rat didn't approve.

Didn't you know about the bird?

Shanty Town

Did anyone notice that hitman looks like slenderman?

It should be obvious why youre here.You become a troublesome student.

shaikh nazia


Footworx Adarsh

i love dude perfect

Brayan Levi


DLA Subsidiary

the robot from wall-e

Greg The Droid

That description you gave about movie mental hospital was the wrong place you thought of. Your thinking of a psychotic ward. I think, or something like that.

Vashti Perry

Loooooove 😍❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Alayna Richlen

i do that all the time on rocks

Mathew Farrell

I'm not a whisper guy, but well, at least I can put my weed there

Timmy D

Launch urselves

Vera Lola

I have a lot of mental issues that were caused by my mother when she would threaten, abuse, manipulate, shame and kick me out the house from the ages 5-7... I don’t live with my mom anymore and I’m 12 now. But I now blame myself for everything, I have REALLY high expectations for a 12 year old. I’m also starting to develop anorexia (I think) but I’m trying to stop it. I noticed that when I tried to throw up and succeeded yesterday after dinner. It’s mostly because of my mom who said she wished she could’ve had a better daughter and also when my ex crush made a joke about me being fat. I know I sound like another one of those “depressed” 12 year old girls who wear cuts on their wrists like bracelets. I cut myself once in my life when my mom left me but was later caught by my grandma and was given a therapist.

Andrew Shearin

Honestly take out the spam and add some egg and I’m here for it.

Pedestrian Assault

the assassins organisation still exist in modern era


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