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A 15 min Morning Yoga practice to help you start your day! Stretch and strengthen! Bring energy to the body and rejuvenate the nervous system!Let me know how it goes down below! Nourishing and revitalizing - Morning Yoga is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body - so you can start again fresh! For more yoga to start your day, check out our full morning yoga playlist:#yogawithadriene #freeyoga Get your FREE Yoga Calendar: at www.yogawithadriene.comInstagram: @adrienelouiseTwitter: @yogawithadrieneFacebook: Yoga With AdrieneShop:


Honestly, I was expecting a way different video...

IHateUsername s



Hey u might want my story it’s long detailed and is literally my life story but it has twists and plots (btw it’s all real) so uh yeah just comment if u want it

“Aye mom, how painful it was to give birth to me?”

Naomi Nicole

I love it❤

Hi/ Hello

I hope this woman isn’t real

Keagan Hatton

Do one with AJ Green


At least they're actual easter eggs, unlike all of these other Fallout 4 "Easter Egg" videos.

Keaton Pedersen

It was physical and sometimes mental bullying everyday from October to June then I had enough of the kicks, punches, shoves, and rumours. I as walking over to a truth or dare group when he came by he pushed me so I went around him then he ran up right in front of the T or D group he pushed me agian. That was the snapping point for me in a hasty anger I tackled him and started punching him until I had didn't want to anymore. As I got up everyone from handball which was right beside us came over to see what happened girl "But i was SURE they LoVeD him!!"


I bet that was just a prop for the post credits of Infinity War


wait is that garret in the back

Domas Prof. Gamer

Last water bootle flip

Several centuries later

Matt White

wassup with the handgun

Something that I needed to find,

Victor Martineez

and I really love your videos

Katarina Benward

Thank you for thinking of us broke bitches!! Yaaassss 28$

I'm from the sacred place where all religions were given equal rights. I'm from the happiest country (it's my opinion, not to hurt anyone)

DatEzz Channel

At the MW3 which was the saddest one :( the grave was saying "αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη" it is a greek phrase which means rest in peace

JC Reviews

👨🏿‍🦰 Why censor bullying? Come on YouTube. Second why are these teachers and schools just letting bullying happen? Take it from an American, this is how school shooters start, thank God this new school has human beings with empathy. Third, your dad isn’t a fighter making him the weak link 👨🏿‍🦰.

kids ofwono

Could have at least streamed to make some money my guy

KneeGrow 29

You know that macs Mac & cheese has dog meat in it right 😂

but it shows how iconic dark souls is


I hope you do Video Game References to Halloween or It!

Alexis West

Subscribe to my channel to see funny videos!!!!


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