Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats - Cutest and Funniest Babies Compilation

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Lep Nano

I luv it! <3

Julius Cordova

Great video man!

Tragiic Builds

Stephen Curry

Rainbow Skyler

Now I'm starting to think I have it cause I have several of these symptoms...

👁 👁


God bless that stuff makes me feel like there is still good in the world

Bree J

Freddie Mercury vs David Bowie


4:47 wonder how many twelves will think ur using hacks


Now for the Ultimate test...

Acid boi

do overwatch

Ciahna Madeleine

Can i marry Jen?

u guys need to vote


Sreshthota Zaman

Cody is my favorite dude

Lisa M

My tips:

Michael Sniegowski

me too Thai

Ciro Arrieta

neuromancer vibes

Dan Roberts

You really know your stuff, i mean you must spend hours researching these things and actually warching the movies yourself to see if they're actually real easter eggs/secrets, thank you for putting so much effort into making each and every video entertaining for us. :)

ariana uriarte


Jordan Montoya

Ty looks like an older Ben Stiller


Waiting for PC version :)


Having OCD ,and GAD is hell.

Dr Suave7

You're the man GURU!

Pizza Wølf

21:08 He looks like a mouse with that nose warmer

Yeti Paskety

Same thing this year Rams and saints

Crazy pool 9922

Your my hero

Xd Lilbdasniper

3:12 now I see where rage monster comes from

Meri MacEacheron

2:14 she isbetter

StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha

Its sad to see people abuse and regret their kids, and here people like you are trying to have a baby and can't make it

cool and easy intelligence

My favourite thing in dude perfect is that they not get jealous on each others

Lillian Trosper

Anyone commenting in 2020??

Gabriel Gaming

I feel the same, but i'm not gay. I don't understand why i would feel like this. I don't know how i would even tell anyone. I can see that i can't live this way. I don't know what to do.

Anyway if I can find some more I’ll put them here🤣

la cm

im 14. i just got diagnosed and.. my mom didn't want to believe that i was a "psycho". i didn't understand bpd at first, but this video made me realize that it was serious. thank you, for sharing your story. my family cant afford treatment, but this inspired me to help myself more.


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