Aankh Marey | Simmba | Bollywood Dance | Sneha Desai Choreography

Hey Guys!Thank you all so much for the love and support we get for our videos. Here is our take on #aankhmarey :) This video does not portray hard hitting technical dancing but shows how a dance can be enjoyed and lived through. Spot our energetic dancers and also for a little bomb in the video.Comment with a "heart" if you loved the energy and happiness portrayed by every student. Do not forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Appreciate all the love and support :)Song: Aankh Marey Movie: #SimmbaCaste: Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali KhanSingers: Neha Kakkar, Mika Singh, Tanishk BagchiSubscribe to Sneha Desai:Sneha Desai:Instagram: Credits: Dhaval PatelInstagram: you for watching the video. Stay tuned for more amazing videos!No Copyright infringement intended. Music is not owned by me.#dancechoreography #dance #choreography

Ronjon Ronjon

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kittycat 29

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Tanika Tahjiba

I teared up......amazing story. Hope no child gets such a mother.

Autumn Faye

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Kirsti Meister

Wie alt ist Tyler Tony ich bin dein größter fan

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Ashley Zander

Lol Tan Mans struggle with the egg one cracked me up

Michał gordonka


Noddy da Homeboi

Uranus Williams? ;)


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Sashanara 7

She’s from thai I suppose

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Jipsy Jeepies

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agustin Noriega

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Elijah Low

yeah make a video of all ur failures


this looks like a sequel with genuine originality, which is the last thing i would have expected from modern disney's most popular franchise. im kinda here for it.


They need to find a better editor for the Jimmy Kimmel show...

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Khogn TM

The "Orb of Vilson" from Legend of Grimrock 2 is also funny.

Timothy Vaher

Notice a disturbing anomaly? The presence of so many small pieces! Almost as confetti. Not appearing as a result of fire alone. As if exploding and dropping onto the roof?

Kevin V

Ni siquiera hablo inglés pero me encanta este canal

Bình Mai

Best rage monster moment i ever seen

Naieem Ali Warsi

I love you guys 😍😍😍😍

Skylar Summerville0

you should do a pool face off

Вадим Вадим

Фергесон)) я люблю тебя!

Elli Asmr

These comments have me weasing🤣

Marina Khan

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That's a beautiful story

Jørgen E N L

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Nagee LetsplayXD

Where is the little brother

Humberto Olmos

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How many takes did it take? 0:39

Ella Webb

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