75 Years Old Grandpa Making Jaggery CANDY In a Festival Near My Village | JEEDI Making Process

75 years Old Man Grandpa Making candy Jaggery Jeedi In a Festival near my village , Oldest Indian Traditional Sweet bellam Jeedi or Jaggery Candy making

Robert Stidham

To bad Royal Tayler broke up.

Kuba CoCięToObchodzi

12:54 levolution!!!

Kohlton Miller

Rockstar and their damn UFOs

VA The Gomez’s

France is going to win the World Cup

Peachy_ Animations

That’s sad 😔

Moonlit’s Closęt

I thought bipolar is the disease you get from a bite of a wild animal

Leila b

Who also was blowing a bubble during this 😂😂


I love youu

But we get to see them act as normal friends here.


I think leaving this world would help me .-.

Joe Luis

Is that tom Satangato.. joe Santagoto's brother lmao

Awesome video!

jordan clark

You missed the minecraft sniper that shoots arrows

Dika Riyansyah

nice love


6:18 Sam and Henry not David


Если есть русские скажите пж что за бутылки у них такие непрочные

Caleb Allen

I think you should film Todd Gurley from the rams

3.Stab the bully with the pen/pencil

Anderson Starr


shower time


cant wait to buy all Kylies new products!

Nolan Pawluk

If she has stomach pains why would she drink coffee? It’s acidic and if anything, wouldn’t help

naywincoolkid douangdala

So you lost your wallet on the toilet

Git Funkt

Now people are gonna be asking for a face reveal I wouldn't mind that as much

Ashton Klingkammer

The people in Wisconsin will love this

And loading screens.

Carson Ray

how many tries did it take

Jentz Hans

Did they do this before a Super Bowl? If so that would show their spirit for Football lol


8 years only for a rat😂💔 Idiot

itg itaigaming

How do you find all this bro

Joanna Kim

i was born 5 months early

Chowder fan 2.0

Marvel fans: I can’t wait to play as captain amercia


Hopefully less than an hour, I've uploaded it 5 times now but Youtube messes it up every time. I wanted to get it up in 1080p but it seems Youtube won't let me because it freezes the uploading, so I'm uploading it in 720p, you can barely tell the difference.

Bryan Playz

That is edited that is not real

shreyaj 058fuel



the last one is probably the best

xOGaxhaLifexO Dahila

How the freak do you that...? I mean she must be a very careful and Gentle person..

longus brongo

2:57 "the combination of the SSD and the Solid State Drive"


Lol she cried because she got a B?

Jafie Kitten

so short:(


This kid probably felt cool because he scored once and Kobe wasn't even trying

Such a humble loser


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