What I share today is to eat with garlic. The ingredients to be prepared include garlic moss, onion ginger, pork, egg, and sweet potato starch.Hello everyone, welcome everyone to Xiaoying cuisine. I usually like to cook and love food. I will share a dish every day here, everyone can learn to try and do it, I hope that everyone's life can be more and more beautiful. Friends who like food can subscribe to the squat.

Anna Lara

Okay but, can we talk about the fucking fearmongering going on here? I promise you, there is almost no place on earth (and no public school on earth!) where homophobes are bullied for their opinions. In fact, their opinions are often the majority!! This attempt to make it seem like LGBT+ people and our allies are suddenly this scary majority that's oppressing the poor Christians is ridiculous and harmful.

Max Aldebarane

Obviously that was a Jordan's Shot.

Rajal Savage



Baloke Cody

i watched this movie for the first time today before this video was posted.. amazing timing : D

Ven Wong


Naujo 1417

2019 anyone

Make jokes about cancer?


What's behind u in silent hills

Bigc Gaming

It's raining moose, hallelujah


is it me or do i just not have auto the first 11 secs of the video


Yall gotta comeback

Rerun Productions

The bowling balls were cool and the rideable coolers

Electric Grizzley

This was the first ever dude perfect video I watched

Nerdy Hannah

My uncles mom had a miscarriage, I was them the other day, and was so chill talking about, and she had thd miscarriage right before her divorice, my uncle said he prepared so much for a baby sis, and when she died, he was so upset.

Oumou Camara

OMG u wrote Harry Potter???? wow😃😃😃😀

Majin Suu

Just Christ Fetch me their souls

Alvaro 2032

Al parecer es de familia

Goat Three

tOO skINnY

Ultimate Ten

you should race super cars next


hmmm... whens the last time they MISSED a shot????

everyone: awww!! they are so cute together Can you stop? Quit fronting on me

Sam Loftis

i thought he said 9 mill change that to 14 mill


born at 1918 so you 101 years old


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