33 Incredible Cooking Hacks (re-compilation) in this video, you will see 33 great food tricks you can use in your home kitchensee 35 more here:

Unknown Lol

Why ty always wins...?

Mary Fitzgerald

Hi guys I'm watching you guys

Kristin Welch

Do a frisbee battle

Abdul malik Khidirov

Hei er du norsk


Next Video: my great grandpa is my dog

Aksanti Tshimang

Y’all saw those geniuses world records


Raw live

World super number 1 game(clash of clans)

Dasha’s Vlogs

Me: i have a headache

Marcos Arbugeri

the Matrix watch?v=k9Nh0Fvoe9k

Ultra Fox

Disney: Lets release the same trailer.Me: ...Disney: But with horses..ME: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Lee

I cracked when he said banana swirl

Marta Wiśniewska

I have allergies to some foods like some type of sweets or foods that have unhealthy ingredients and also perfume and deodorant in a spray form or some strong type of smell plus I'm also allergic to dust. Whenever my year has PE we go change in the changing room from our PE clothes to our normal clothes and we don't have enough time to shower so my classmates put on soooooo much deodorant and they spray it all around themselves and also even some girls that aren't allergic say that they can taste the deodorant and tell them to stop spraying so much but they don't care, even teachers told them to stop ,and there I am crying from the allergic reaction helpless. I know I could change in the bathroom but it's disgusting there the floors, the wall, the toilet is all dirty uhh no thank you and I'm also a neat and clean person so yeah bathroom, not an option.


straight people: gay people will sexualise children and turn them gay too!

Janet Lee

Congrats warriors I know u would win now we win at mercy curry Klay Draymond Andre Livingston Jordan keep going like a champions u are I wish I could be there to see Win..but my prayers are u and do it for kd...true champion u are ... remember come agressive...Cooke step up now that kd is out Cooke ..

Zero Speedy

Foul Guy is me


Do you have any idea what he actually said?


Btw that is a Side Mission called Rescue Pvt. O'Brian, Like Saving Pvt. Ryan.

Utku Tuna Özdemir

Panda is so cute!!!!!!😆😆😜😜

Milena Beleva

Download it for android from mobogenie app type dude perfect is free like the all games.

Camila Orbezo

LMAOOOOOO I thought that she lost the baby or something like that !!!!!!!!

Yolo Gaming

Ok girls in our class they were really rude to boys

Rayman Ray

What's the problem master chief?


How rich r u guys🤨🤨🤨

Lorna Manrique

Cody is the best dressed

unleash legend2


Ephemeral Dream


Vishal Pandey

Only while eating food I feel irritated/restless and angry also I think when will it get over(the food) even though if it is my first bite

Your weird ya big ear bitch😂


Why did Adele cross the road? 🚶🏼👸🏼To say hello from the otherside.👋🏼Ok I know that was bad...😕But at least I can say that I tried😏[0_0#) 👋🏼(Sorry for everything that I got wrong this was typed on a dell computer)A DELL 😆 Ok I'm done, goodbye🤗


@GavelaaIRL Jesus love, its $1 for the game and $2 for the level editor, that's hardly expensive!

Karthik creation Sunny

high jump

Bike Spotter

Awesome video, keep it up ^^

starbrite 101

OMG they copied Parker plays did you see that they have the same exact headset and they have googly eyes on the front that's exactly what Parker plays has

TheEmeraldBucket TEB

Seattle Mariners

Icxd Tenci

Anyone 2019?


Honestly I think that the NFL players should be dude perfect 👌

Flimsy Pizza

ty or Tyler is the world'sbest beardo

Attackongaming 095

hey you guys should have a nerf battle contest

David Byrne

Wow that's high!

Mathew Hartwell

My favorite is the through the legs dunk


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