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Jahnae S

This girl said “is mercury in retrograde” I stannnn😭😭

Khan Saad

How many times did you spill or break it 2:47

vet Noa aon

Because you write a diary you fell ok 🙄🙄realllly boys who said that you are ugly i want to see their magical face 😏😏😏😏

Rohan Maity


dragón de fuego

No sé que ago aquí


Brandon D


sebastian bentancur


Ian Tarrago Vlogs

Sidney Crosby

T5 Squad

Cody got mad muscles

Phencyclidine M

I had it for 5 months too without telling my parents because i didn’t want to waste their money so I kept it from everyone and one day in school I fainted and my Father brought me to the hospital where I had to take 4 pills in the morning and 2 pills at night. They said that if I had came sooner I wouldn’t have been so sick and have such Low blood pressure so in the end we should always tell people if we are in pain instead of keeping it silent. The girl should have ask her parents or guardian for help, a friend with insurance too would be helpful. ( I never had cramps to be honest but I had to change my pads 4 times a day and it’s those big ones and there was soo much clot)


I have the nicest parents ever but teachers are something else. I have alot of anxiety and i feel uncomfortable around people because when you obviously don't raise your hand when your shy and the call on you, you could get embarrassed and feel anxious.

Parents Fighting all the time, Unhappy family, his father go out with another woman, Parent divorced, Single mother and then her parent getting together again 1- shoot a flaming crossbow bolt at an apple on top of the person's head

Honey Playz

Hollagram :)

Benjamin Voegele

you only like us because the more views the more money you get


Damn. D3ViilLZz needs a better connection XD


I feel so sorry for her ;(


At 2:45, that's so funny that they put the BAFTA Award in their own game. "We won this, now look at it."

dutu the gamer

Where is garret

Christy Coffey

2:37 there’s a cup on my plane

Joshua Marchese

This was made on my birthday

Dallas Jensen

Why use arrows I know it’s not real in this video but it is more suffering for the animal

Dan Chandler

There's a skyrim one there too with a dead guy with an arrow in his knee

Bang Bang

Why tf would they give her up and then just have more kids???

ronja jajaja

I actually cried😢 I am so sorry for anyone dealing with that sickness!

gun nut

it was 50

Family Z

I’m impressed!!!!


OMG, I'm the avoidant and my boyfriend is the auxious

Just curious

Sameer More

These were really so funny

Little Equestrian

I have the same. I have a good bond with animals and i understand them much more then humans.


well now its confirmed... im an introvert but 20x more awkward and takes 3hours to make up excuses lol

Andrea Bedford

This video is written by a bitter old homophobe. There are so many holes in this story.



Paginplayz 123

I'm noisy eater


lmfao yall act like if all the main warriors players were healthy this wouldnt be a sweep

Adrion Chapa

I hate Tyler



Nikola Jakov

Other Rappers: Mumble


Abbotsford thats were i live


Did the artist think we would be confused if she wore a different top??? 🤔

Marcus Lopez

Bruh they keep taking old shit and making it new... and some how I keep buying it all NANIIIIIII ...!?


Го в топ)


thanks for the longer video man


I knew it was Sharon instantly from her mouth !

Emilee Grace

Dude I have a combo of these that I'm seeing a therapist for. I hate talking to my grandma who tells me "you just need to get over it!" "These worries are in the past!" "You're fine!" (This was caused my my abusive ex boyfriend.) I wish I could just get over it, I wish I could put it behind me!


This sound familiar i rember a story almost the same

jacob steffen

Jhon cena

Subin Singh

How you make this video


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