25 Phrases Every English Intermediate Learner Must-Know

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trusty guy

hey look its adam sandler

Fadey Muhammad Farraas

This video makes me cry

Gacha rhys

Goodbye diamond

pako joe

Roadhouse chili is awesome

Alex Steinberg

Everyone talking about seeing comments from 10 years ago, but nobodies talking about the tall dude in the beginning that literally hasn’t been around since this video

Aarya Kamble

I'm in 9th grade but I still wanna watch this movie



The Big Rat Gaming

where did you get that grenade??!?!?!?

Naim Mc'Evoke


Dylan Atilano

you need to make a playlist of all the music you use in these videos

Jc Cosme

Now I know what to use to burn buildings

terraformer 1211


Curious Moose

Yo this is actually so fucking tight lmfao

Reece Swaby

I don't particularly trust them with rockets no way I'd want them to have that they'd kill you more than the covenant do.

Origami One

Who’s watching this in 2019? (me)

Maria Reyes

10:19 she freakin' snatched it out of Rug's hands, like gurl u ok?!

The_ Archer1202

the chest wasnt a easter egg it just is a trader chest all you are doing is breaching the ground and wall coding to get chest by mine i had a glitch like that in the mission in the elves base i had my things before getting to the room

dino boy

That doctor should be fired

Armaan Gill

Was this episode inspired by Black Mirror?

Jimena Ibarra

Wow😦I'm sorry😦😢

Krista Jeffries

Giants go odell beckham

Michelle Boucher

i love watching you guys

David Arroyo

Magnesium in liquid oxygen

James Black


ahamed zaneer

i cant wait to watch it been 6years

Joshua Raddatz

Who said it was their first shot?

Ashley Carter

if ever tried to do backward edition I would miss every shot love you dude perfect

ZYgmunt Dupa

This whole game is one huge easter egg.

Ryan Leiby

That was uploaded on my birthday


Wow max making sense..

Kyle Dickson

Instead of using a stick to freeze inside of your popsicle try a knife for those who live on the edge

I am almost 11 and live in Indonesia. I am using my aunt's acc. Since I have an email but my dad wouldn't tell me the password.


I mean some of them are cute with the flush on :)


Ive got a roast on every helix jump meme in ads Cuz ur bad


I just got an add for axe chill right before this


........honestly I'm such a introvert if I was forced to go there I would hide under the table.

Thomas The Dank Engine

Who's watching in 2016


Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

I wonder if you could take John "Jocks" full name and enter it into a police computer if you can find him

CoDFan Gaming

r u guys Christian's

Piyush Charjan

Animated? Game? Real life ? ????

Manyia's Journey


Roan Naughton

What does panda look like under all those clothes


I hate how some people diagnosed themselves having OCD, thinking they're so cool having it, i don't have OCD but if they really have OCD then they must get treated with therapy or whatever. It's a serious disorder, maybe you're just a perfectionist or you're lying about it, go to the doctors to find out if you really have OCD.

amber li

It was so hard not to cry

Killer Senior 53423

Well I'm sorry

Lacey LAND!

I passed out at school


so fake ricardoyet so funny

Mihir Verma

usain bolt

Pizza Pro ツ

This was in gaming for you section for me XD 😂

elizabeth. mp4

this whole video is the whole definition of homophobic.

Otniel Jr

March 2019

Why are you so racist people

Dane Preston

Tall Guy

lonely potatoe

If your "mother" called the police on u call the police first so that she cannot put any blame on u

Dhanish Muhammed

Which drone


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