25 Minute Vinyasa Yoga for Shoulders and Hips

This 25 minute vinyasa flow is created to help you open up tight hips and shoulders. It's a slow flow vinyasa, helping to build endurance and strength while gently developing flexibility and mobility through the hips and shoulders, chest and armpit area. Hope you enjoy.Please subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on our weekly yoga classes!Download our YogaByCandace Official App on iTunes and Android: more with YogaByCandace, check out:Blog - - Yoga Classes:Media:Facebook - - - - - -

him: 24


easter egg for b02 is dlc 4 for black ops 3


As always ty wins

Caylie’s Vidzz

They beep out bulling for no reason

Anthony Pilipchuk


Conner James Hayes

NF: Better grab your balloons and invite your friends

Never Quit Nate


John Kara


pine iscaii

so basically, villanizing gay people \_(ツ)_/

Ichinegro Negrosaki

The sad thing is I got all of them :(

Vineet Kheradia (Student)


srinivas kallumadi

Good vid

Me: do I have enough money for dish soap XD


When are you becoming a motivational speaker? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thu Nguyen

I know what are you doing...

Carson Hagenson

how's purple hoe

Rashid Playz

How about you do dude perfect vs avengers

Eleazer Hortillosa

you are the BEST MEN .... i wish i have a PS4 or PC to play GAMES ... just not to play games me: *gets happy with a d*

jasmine garrett

See if. I wouldn't forgive a bitch


역시 very kennel

Chris Tetsuwari

Played on that field lemme tell you,it's shit

Rita Tran

Well, I eon’t think you can get deported willingly so...


Space Bugs

I thought Ty just yeeted the turtle

Diego Alvarez

Ooohh look like " ninja turtles" Student threatening, teacher- stop right now!😠

cindy david

I just loved how he call humans aliens

The guy that takes the notecards in the room

Joe Depas

"The Catch" talk had me dead

Ludmila Cheremeteff


Akbarz desu

It's a lucky shot bro.. u did it many times..

Miah Loves Queen


David Helme

Id be a pet goldfish. I would be gettingfed witout a care in the world

Colonel Cornelius Cornwall

Why is there no New York places like Albany? 😭😭😭

magravine manzanilla

Her: he was a red head

Sean Ru

2k19 anyone?

Unicorn Mylie1

OMG so sad

Kieran McCormack

ScoreTy - 3Coby - 0Cody - 1Cory - 1Garrett - 1

Matt Hurchik

i wonder how many followers odell got from DP, i bet it was a ton

Guardian of Minecraft

That was eggsalcent

Shivesh Sinha

Where's Clint?


If you use g-mod to import HL-2 maps, you can find G-man in otherwise inaccessible little box rooms on random maps

Simon Calas



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