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गंगवा (1984) - रजनीकांत , शबाना आज़मी Starring Rajinikanth, Shabana Azmi and Suresh Oberoi Film Directed by RajasekharMusic Directed by Bappi LahiriSynopsisThe basic injustice at the core of Gangvaa is the way the landed classes take advantage of ordinary village folk. Early on in the film, a work crew finds a pot full of gold coins, and a suitably mustache-twirling zamindar (Amrish Puri) confiscates them to add to his already massive wealth. Enter Gangvaa (Rajnikanth) to save the day; Gangvaa kills Zamindar and his goons. Gangvaa puts together a band of the men who had suffered under the Zamindar's tyranny. Together they hang out in the wilderness and perform Robin-Hood-esque raids for the sake of vigilante justice. At some point Jamna (Shabana Azmi) encounters Gangvaa and is smitten. Then a village girl accuses Gangvaa of rape, and Jamna is enraged – it is here that she gets down to find the truth. It turns out that the rape was actually done by a totally different guy named Gangvaa (Raza Murad), and righting this wrong wins Jamna back for our hero, but makes him a new set of enemies that he spends the rest of the film fleeing from. Also on his tail is a police inspector (Suresh Oberoi), who cannot allow vigilante justice in his district, no matter how noble the intention. Subscribe to Bollywood Paradise:

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