10 Cool Things On AMAZON In 2017

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you should eat at 12pm NOT 12am

Nindy Siregar

Cant wait to sing along in the cinema


Gulags r' us

sees sad animation story hears cheerful music in background

RjSlayer2004 Risdsale

Where u get the music from on the last few seconds


no zombies in ghosts

GCS Flips.

Threading the needle was on people are awesome

Sour Grapz

They forgot the Liquor Shot. Johnny can nail that. Honestly tho I had to say that. Even though I like manziel =)

Alexandra Hahn

wiz khalifa- "lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets"

Toxic Comment

That's so crazyProud of you

Mounir Nabil

fack you


Dolph Zakary

where this dude work?

Ashley- Chan

Your not alone your like me :)

David Jager

This is soo good and true !

Emanuele Arca

ATM skc go sooners


1 like=1 prayer I know someone did this and the person who did got a lot of likes so I'm trying to get a lot of likes😁

bob Tim

back when dude perfect wasn't all about tyler

Acid Rain

Damn the bully is annoying as hell

Sebastian S

40 mio sub for bs... well, how can't you love it ;)

Nerushan Ramakkuddy


Me: "..."

Awesome Dude

Great job Trav Gig em'

they be hyping their e3, but then the final game looks dogshit

SeanIsHere4Games Here

50 % of your videos is that I got bullied now I, m a billionaire my husband left I, m now rich. dude make something more better

Rebel5012 Rebel5012

Its scary how Rodgers can put the ball anywhere he wants and it seems effortless


how do people not like this?!?!??!!!!

Assoaciates in Law


Black Does Everything

Me when i have Anxiety :


You can literally get Longclaw in the Witcher 3, you know? Jons sword :D

Olivia Swinnerton

Kid:I wonder what alcohol tastes like?

Sniper Ackermann

I didn't want to watch this at all but when I saw 1:40 I was likeHELL YEAH IMMA WATCH ELSA DIE

kitty playz youtube

Are you a boy or girl?

Trent Hankamp

Do a wiffle ball game

•Show up in Endgame.

Aravis Moors

can you please respond to this comment

Marc Omar Sutherland

I'm now un subing cus someone dabbed

Supermagicbros 2015

I’ve been waiting for this since they announced the game

Connor Chambers

Jj is so cool

Alex Perez

Thanks Guru. Never thought I would see the day where a game with moaning snails exist.

Game up with CONNOR


Sasha Bickford

i was crying tears of laughter at the end

sebi gomez

Cody Grandpa will always remain in our hearts

Straight chlorine

mary ann cancino

I am so glad cody jones won winner winner chicken diner my favorite color is green but i,m team coby love from martin your bestfreind

Ruslan Masinjila

Kinda boring

[CLFB] Crazy Lemon Flour Buddies


Russell Mingledorff

that's awesome


GamimgWith Cora

I had all of them 😫


I'm gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!

The girl: I want to go to school forever

samit mohite

Hole in one is the best shot


I love these videos so much! They make me want to play loads of these games and see if I can find some myself


No One Piece WHAT!!

oliver väljaots


Zoup 4

son:I-I-I’m gay    

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