Pandavas plan to perform a Rajsuya Yagna. The actual implementation of the Yagna is planned by the help of Krishna. They decide to kill Jarasandh first by inviting him to fight with Bhima. Therefore, Krishna, Bhim and Arjun decide to dress as Bhramins and go into the kingdom of Jarasandh. Here, they stand in a queue where Jarasandh worships Lord Shiva and then donates to all men in the queue.There is an argument between Krishna and Jarasandh and then ultimately it is dicided that there will be wrestling between Bhim and Jarasandh. See it amusingly presented in Ramanand Sagar's Krishna serial.

Silentsnowwolf 101

I love soccer!


I also dated a girl with BPD, I was smart enough to end it. If they aren't rational enough to realize that THEY are the problem, they will drag you down with them and burn you. In modern day, some are neurotic enough to destroy you financially.

No You

I hate Buzzfeed...but damn I can't get enough of Tasty

Litty Ditty Committee

Who's here after his first AAF start?

Taylor Wright

Who was filming


Ugly ass shoes smh

Debbie Townsend

I am not ashamed of saying I cried. 😭😭

Cheesy Poofs

People raving this is amazing. It's a video compilation of all the times where they actually made the shot. Give anyone enough time, and money and they can edit the single time where they made it. Splice them together with slowmo edits and a hip soundtrack, post on youtube for profit. You wanna impress your fans Dude Perfect? Let's see you do this, on live stream.

And to me it was actually fucking easy to detect he was one. I wasn't as blinded as any other person.

big chungus oofergang


cameron Fortnite gamer 27


Richard Parker

This had me weak af 😂😂😂😂😂

Charlie Stonerlife

becuse thay sell him he is a product so thats how thay keep track of him

Eric Chun

The stereotypes were so accurate

Cookie Newell

Wait wait wait did he died

Armando Delara

Can people react to The Wallows?


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